Deutsch lernen - über Skype

mit Claudia Schnyder, Deutschlehrerin

Living outside your native country always entails a big adventure! Whilst the general standard of living in Switzerland is very high and the country attracts an experienced and highly qualified workforce from all over the world, many of the new arrivals find it hard to settle in.

The prospect of earning good money, the tempting dream of a prosperous future in a secure and neutral country with low taxation, has made Switzerland a popular and attractive destination for many people. However, many newcomers find that it is easier to arrive in Switzerland than adapt to life there! There are diverse cultural and regional differences, numerous Swiss dialects, Röstigraben, Swiss punctuality, politeness and over-regulation in public.

I am excited to offer you my ten steps program, derived from years of experience as a teacher and also as an expat, having lived in the UK, Ireland and more recently in Spain, to assist you with this transition.

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