Deutsch lernen - über Skype

mit Claudia Schnyder, Deutschlehrerin

«I have taken German classes over the last year and a half with Claudia and am really glad that I signed up for these lessons. Previously I was trying to learn German on my own and I was not happy with the slow progress I had been making. However, Claudia’s German lessons really turned this around for me, and helped me to advance my progress relatively quickly. The online lessons allowed me the ease and flexibility I needed while working full time and other life commitments. She makes you feel very comfortable and is very flexible with the style of the class to help you focus on the right areas. The course material and class structure are also very helpful to encourage my reading/writing/hearing/speaking in German.» 

Gina, February 2021, Expat from California living and working as Finance Director at ESAB GMBH in Zug

«Hi everyone. My name is Aline Rodrigues, I am Brazilian and I’ve been living in Switzerland for over three years now. Even though I don’t really need German on my daily basis as I use mainly English for work, I felt the need to learn German and try to integrate myself more into the Swiss culture. I found Claudia on the internet and from the first lesson together I had no doubt that I made the right decision. She is an exceptional teacher, very talented and well qualified. Claudia is a very kind human being and always very prepared. In the beginning I was afraid to enroll myself on Skype lessons, but it turned out to be so comfortable, productive and interesting. I really like to have Skype lessons with Claudia and the results have excited me to learn every day a bit more. Claudia speaks a very good English as well as Spanish. Our classes are now in German, but it was, and it is, a big help to have her explain the grammar in English when I need it. Each one of our lessons passes by in the blink of an eye, and I am always looking forward to the next one!

Thank you, Claudia!»


Aline, November 2020 from Brazil

«I have been learning German with Claudia for about a year and I have felt my German improve greatly. In particular, my specific request was to work on realistic speaking type practice, so that the first time I encounter a new situation (for example, moving apartment, on public transport, resolving an order issue with a company), I have some pre-experience of what to say and importantly what others will say too. Claudia was able to help me greatly with this and make it realistic to Swiss life! In addition, classes are always light-hearted and move at a good pace so that we can cover a decent amount of material without getting bogged down in too many grammar rules at once. However, covering the grammar rules and repetition of them over time is an important part of the classes, and I have started to get a good grasp through Claudia's clear instruction.

I can very much recommend Claudia's online German classes!»

Joe, April 2020, Researcher at ETH Zurich

«My German lessons with Claudia have been excellent.The lessons are well structured, but also flexible. Claudia is patient and encouraging, and it was easy to get over the beginner's self-counsious in starting a new language.Doing the classes online has been ideal as I can do them anywhere, and I get constant speaking practice during each lesson.»

Philipp, March 2020, Scientist at ETH Zurich

«Although I had learned German for one year prior to starting with Claudia, due to lack of time and practice my German level was not improving. As time passed I began to feel more and more insecure about my knowledge and unhappy with my group classes that I had to find a solution. I found Claudia by luck, and after our first private class, I was convinced. Claudia is very passionate about teaching German, and this can be seen from our frequent class conversations through Skype to her comprehensive yet easy-to-understand lessons. Her patience and dedication has really helped me grow my German, and within 6 months has taken me from a basic A2 Niveau to a B1, where all group classes had failed…She understands the demands of family life with 2 young kids and does her upmost to organise the best suited time for me.

I can’t recommend her enough!»

Jennifer Peschos, March 2018, Expat living in Lucerne

«German classes with Claudia were very helpful and enjoyable. I would like to thank her for the interesting and stimulating conversation classes. There were a lot of diverse topics which helped me to extend my vocabulary and broaden my knowledge. She is a very attentive and supportive person. I would definitely recommend German skype classes to anyone who is looking for a professional and enthusiastic teacher.» 

Irina Walters, June 2017, Expat living in Basle

«Es una profesora sería y amable. Transmite tranquilidad y conecta muy bien con los alumnos. Tiene mucha paciencia y a la vez enseña de manera entretenida.»

Teresa de Las Palmas, España, enero 2017