Deutsch lernen - über Skype

mit Claudia Schnyder, Deutschlehrerin

«Although I had learned German for 1 year prior to starting with Claudia, due to lack of time and practice my German level was not improving. As time passed I began to feel more and more insecure about my knowledge and unhappy with my group classes that I had to find a solution. I found Claudia by luck, and after our first private class, I was convinced. Claudia is very passionate about teaching German, and this can be seen from our frequent class conversations through Skype to her comprehensive yet easy-to-understand lessons. Her patience and dedication has really helped me grow my German, and within 6 months has taken me from a basic A2 Niveau to a B1, where all group classes had failed…She understands the demands of family life with 2 young kids and does her upmost to organise the best suited time for me.

I can’t recommend her enough!»

Jennifer Peschos, March 2018, expat living in Lucerne

«German classes with Claudia were very helpful and enjoyable. I would like to thank her for the interesting and stimulating conversation classes. There were a lot of diverse topics which helped me to extend my vocabulary and broaden my knowledge. She is a very attentive and supportive person. I would definitely recommend German skype classes to anyone who is looking for a professional and enthusiastic teacher.» 

Irina Walters, June 2017, expat living in Basle

«Es una profesora sería y amable. Transmite tranquilidad y conecta muy bien con los alumnos. Tiene mucha paciencia y a la vez enseña de manera entretenida.»

Teresa de Las Palmas, España, enero 2017