Learn German via Skype

with Claudia Schnyder, German teacher

German Skype classes

My German Skype classes are disigned to help you build confidence in speaking and using correct standard German in your daily life, and help you get an improved, clear standard German accent. What's more, they cover a variation of different topics; from personal to work related subjects. 

It does not matter what  level of German you currently have, continuous practicing and learning is essential for improvement. Working together with you, I  will design an individual study plan that best suits your needs. My goal is to improve your confidence. That includes helping you learn new vocabulary and put the grammatical structures that you have learnt into practice.

With "in 10 steps to successful lingual and cultural integration", the German skype classes, and the constant encouragement that you will receive during my classes, you will certainly reach your language goals. Please see my classes on offer below!

German conversation classes

These classes are designed for students that already have a good basic knowledge. The recommended level of German is from A2 onwards. In these classes we focus on real life situations such as forming relationships, discussions pro and contra, or talking about likes and dislikes. You will gain more confidence in your speaking abilities and after a time you will become more fluent.

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Lessons 50 minutes each

 5  lessons CHF 205.--

10 lessons CHF 360.--

20 lessons CHF 650.--

General German classes

Most students start with general German classes. They cover all aspects of the language learning; listening, speaking, reading and writing. My classes systematically build on vocabulary and grammar structures. It guarantees a solid basis and leads to improvements and success.

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Lessons 50 minutes each

 5  lessons  CHF 220.--

10 lessons  CHF 390.--

20 lessons  CHF 710.--

Exam preparation

These classes are designed to prepare you for an official exam like “ Start Deutsch 1, 2 und Zertifikat Deutsch” provided you have the required level. The classes can focus on specific areas, if needed, in order to get more confidence for the exams. Please make sure that you have sufficient time resources for additional self-studies, exercises and writing tasks. 

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Lessons 50 minutes each

 5  lessons CHF 235.--

10 lessons CHF 430.--

20 lessons CHF 760.--